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Our Green Rangers play a very active part in the life of our school, organising recycling and litter picking, monitoring energy conservation and keeping our school garden looking attractive. Pupils also attend conservation events and conferences to increase their awareness of global citizenship.

The Eco-Committee is made up of junior school pupils and staff from both sites who meet regularly to draw up an action plan to ensure we continue to press ahead with new initiatives.

Eco Juniors meet Thursday lunchtimes 12.30pm - 1pm

Approximately half of the junior age children sign up for Green Ranger duties. We are very proud to have maintained our Platinum Eco Status since 2007 and to have received an ‘Outstanding Award’.

Read our eco-blog here. 

Eco school 2015-2016



May 2016 Please scroll down to read about our joint project with the School Council.



March 2016, please scroll down to see the results of the Infant and Y3 and 4 competitions.


February 2016, Gardening Club planted herb seeds to grow plants to sell in the summer fair.


January 2016, the Green Ranger Committee set 2 competitions, designing plates of healthy food in the Infants, designing a healthy garden for year 3 and writing out the Eco code to display in the classrooms for years 4.5 and 6.


November 2015, school Christmas fair.


7th November, please scroll down to read about the Green Ranger committee's contribution to December's Climate Change Conference in Paris.


Thank you to all families who contributed to our shoebox appeal this year. We collected/packed 60 boxes in total. Please scroll down to see the photos.


04-12-15 updated



Please scroll down to read about the Infant competition for 2016.

03-02-16 and read about the Junior competitions too. Also gardening club have been planting herbs, despite the awful weather!



10 09 15 Eco meeting and club 1


 Harvesting lavender, hopefully, we'll produce something to sell at the Christmas Fair.


10 09 15 Eco meeting and club 3


 Eve, hard at work on this year's environmental review.



After carrying out the 'Environmental Review', the Eco committee took part in a presentation to the whole school about the elements that make up an Eco school and we have started to think about the actions we need to carry out next year. Each class in the juniors will chose something to work on.


Recycling of used glue sticks and white board pens

Niamh and Callia were pleased to hear that the items they had been collecting would be recycled with the help of Mr Alun Jones from the Conwy Schools Recycling Team. Thank you to Mrs Jones, who organised the collecting on the Infants Site.

Recycling of glue stcicks and board pens. Items being collected by Alun Jones school recycling officer 1



Y5 GRs had an excellent time today creating 'Eco' badges.

y5 GR badge making 1

y5 GR badge making 6


y5 GR badge making 7


y5 GR badge making 8



 After the Eco assembly, 4H have decided to do a survey of the trees on the Junior site, making rubbings of each tree and leaf and taking photos to make a site map of our trees. It's a big job, but they've made a good start.

2015 autumn y4 tree survey 9


Colwyn in Bloom 2015 Awards 

On 8th October, the members of this year's Friday gardening club, Ben, Jorja, Noah and Finnula went to the 2015 Colwyn in Bloom Awards to collect the award for the best school grounds in our area. They were accompanied by Hayley and Louanne from last year's gardening club. Mrs Davies and Mrs Hughes, who looks after the Infant Garden went as well. It was an excellent evening and we were thrilled to receieve the art award on behalf of our Infants also. 

We also met Noah's grandfather who is an expert on trees and will help with our tree survey.

2015 Colwyn in Bloom awards 10

Christmas  preparations

Y5 and Y6 GRs have been getting ready for the Christmas Fair, making lavender bags for the GR stall at the school fair with Miss Morris with the lavender that we harvested earlier from the garden. 


2015 CHristmas Fair 3



2015 CHristmas Fair 4

 100 5425

Y6 GRs have been helping with the preparations for this year's TEAMS4U shoebox appeal. Rhianna and Summer reminded everyone on Friday's service about what was needed and gave out leaflets on the yard at break-time.







Green Ranger Eco Committee and Climate CHange Conference


The Eco Commitee have been exceptionally busy this week. We received a message asking us to contribute our thoughts on what things are the most important to children. Our findings will be fed back to the Welsh Assembly Government environment minister, Carl Sargent. He is attending the COP21 in Paris in December.

The Committee members could only vote for 5 things out of a list of 19 essential for life. All were important and the Green Rangers found the task challenging and thought provoking. The top 3 things voted for were water, food and family. Education was also popular. 25 Committee members were present and took part. A group of 4 children had to go for their guitar lesson, but came back to vote during their break-times. Green Rangers are dedicated!

global citizenship 5 Committee


Also, during break time this week, GR committee members interviewed Mrs Zhang who gives Mandarin lessons on Mondays. We learned about her school in Beijing and their Eco school activities. they have a garden too and grow food and flowers. They are keen on recycling as well. We showed Mrs Zhang our Eco notice board.

interviwing Mrs Zhang 2


Ben and Noah were attending the North Wales meeting for the National Eco Schools conference for platinum Eco schools like us...but first we had to get all our presentations ready. Yet more dinner breaks given up by the Eco committee members! Finally everything was ready and Noah and Ben attended the conference on Nov 5th.

05 11 15 Noah and Ben Llandrillo yn Rhos Eco conference 2

We learned a lot about which countries have a large carbon footprint and thought about ways to reduce the carbon footprint of our school. Even seemingly little things like switching off lights and other electrical items when they are not in use helps. We shared our ideas with other schools and heard about what they do.

Finally there was a message from our conference to the minister from all the schools present.

We owe a big thank you to Catrin Hughes, our Eco Schools officer who organised our district's conference.

If you want to learn more, please look up the Twitter feed for Eco Schools Wales.


2015 Shoebox Appeal for TEAMS4U

Year 4 helped to load up the van.

shoeboxes 3

 The year 6 GRs who had helped out packing boxes were invited down to the warehouse in Rhos Methodist Church. Things were quiet on the Thursday lunchtime, but the children were given a tour by Mr Dilwyn Price - famous for being an Ysgol Llandrillo yn Rhos headteacher. Mr Price challenged the children to work out how long it would take our boxes to reach Wrexham - the next leg of their journey.

100 5834 

 Eco committee badges The Eco committee were delighted to receive their new badges. they chose two different designs. The Christmas fair raised some funds. Well done Sam for winning the 'Name the snowman' competition. Thank you to everyone who entered and to all teh GRs who helped out on the GR stall and with the toys and books too.

30 11 15 38


Ellie worked very hard to get the GR stall ready.

30 11 15 40


30 11 15 47

 Infant Competition 2016 

On Wednesday the 20th January many of the Eco Committee children went across to the Infant site to give a presentation about the Eco Code and also to launch a competition to design a healthy plate of food. The Infants were excellent listeners and we look forward to judging their entries.

2016 Infants competition

 03-02-16 The Eco Committee gave a very good presentation to the junior children.

Year 3 competition, given by Rhianna and Liah, to design a healthy garden.


Year 4 competition, presented by Amy and Bobby, Year 5 competition presented by Callia and Teagan, Year 6 competition presented by Noah to present the Eco code in a more attractive format - winners will have their entries put up around school.

eco code assembly juniors 03 02 16 21


eco code assembly juniors 03 02 16 23


05-02-16 Gardening club members braved the weather to plant sage, coriander and basil seeds. Hopefully our plants will grow and we can sell them at the summer fair.


herbs gardening club 1


herbs gardening club 2

February, March 2016

The Green Rangers have been busy judging the various competitions. Year 5 GRs jugded the Infant competition to design healthy plates of food. 1B, 2R and 2W had all worked really hard and obviously understood the task. Y5 GRs found it very hard to judge as there were so many excellent entries.

100 6255


100 6256

infant awards

Gardening club members appropriately judged the y3 competition to design an Eco garden. There were so many good ideas that we had to have a 2D and a 3D competition for both classes. We saw model water butts and solar panels on sheds, a wind turbine, nuts in the trees for birds and mini beast homes and of course bees!

2016 y3 gardening design comp 7


2016 y3 gardening design comp 12


IMG 1872


Y4 had worked hard on displaying the Eco code so that we can display it in the classroom - lots of imagination at work there too. Bobby and Amy who set the competition did the judging.

100 6435




April/May 2016

The GR committee and the School Council both wanted to do something to support the local community. We held several joint meetings to get ideas, first on who to support and then how. Lots of excellent causes were put forward, including the new lifeboat station in Llandudno and the RSPCA, but the idea with the most votes was doing something for a home for the elderly in our idea.

Mrs Lawenson did some research and one of our local homes would like some more outdoor pots. We thought that strawberry plants would be a good choice. We are going to raise money to buy the items at the school fair in June. Please support us!

21 04 16 joint Eco school council metting 3


Millie and Teagan preparing the GR game for the school fair