Conwy County Borough Council, as the Local Education Authority, decides the criteria and procedure for admissions to Ysgol Llandrillo-Yn-Rhos. The LEA will comply with statutory requirements and will give full recognition to the expression of parental preference in the context of its duty to ensure the provision if efficient education and the efficient use of education resources.

The LEA will not refuse applicants for a particular school unless that school has reached its standard number for admissions, that being the number a school can admit in any one year.

The LEA will admit pupils up to the Standard Number of each school, or up to any higher limit which may have been agreed between the County Borough and a particular governing body.

The LEA will only admit pupils in excess of the Standard Number where it is deemed not to be prejudicial to the provision of efficient education or the efficient use of resources.

Any families who are newly moved to the area or who want to transfer their child from another school should contact the office to enquire about possible spaces.

Nursery Education

The Authority will admit a child to a maintained nursery school in the September following their 3rd birthday. Nursery schooling is provided on the basis of 5 x 2.5 hour sessions per week.

Though every effort will be made to meet a parental preference, nursery education is not statutory and parents have no right of appeal if they are unsuccessful in gaining a nursery place.

Admission to Reception

The Authority will admit a child to a maintained school in the September following their 4th birthday. All applications are processed through the LEA.