School Councils

We encourage pupils to play an active part in the life of the school and offer various opportunities for their voices to be heard.

Individual governors have regular contact with each of the different pupil representatives to ensure that pupil views are discussed at governor meetings.

We have two school councils, one on the Infants site and one on the Junior site

Both meet regularly and give children a voice at Ysgol Llandrillo-Yn-Rhos, promoting responsibility and introducing the principles of democracy.

Our Y6 school council this year are:

Chairperson - Cadeirydd


Vice Chairperson - Is-Gadeirydd


Secretary - Ysgrifennydd


Vice Secretary - Is-Ysgrifennydd


These posts are supported by Ella, Libby, Emily and Stephen

School council representatives are:

Year 5: Lwsi D Amelia D, Alex W, Mia H,

Year 4: Ruebon B, Daisy M, Safiye K, Harry C

Year 3: Imogen P, AlexG, FinnE-H, Maia M

Year 2: Julliette C, Luca J, Rudy A, Lacie N

Year 1: Feria E, Harper C, Henry R-T, Freddie F.

Reception: Joey B, Amelia B, Dexter H, Alfie M.

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