Understanding inspections in schools:   A guide for parents and carers

Estyn is responsible for inspecting a wide   range of education and training provision in Wales, and will soon be   inspecting your child’s school.


How do inspectors take   account of my What will be included within the report? views of the   school? The report will have   overall judgements on:

      Estyn wants to know your views on the   school. You           the current performance of the school and its

       can do this by:                                                                      prospects   for improvement

  • completing an online questionnaire via the the standards achieved by pupils and their   direct link provided by the school or by going to wellbeing

http://vir.estyn.gov.uk, clicking on   ‘complete a   learning experiences, teaching, care, support   and parent questionnaire’ and inputting 07868   guidance, and the learning   environment

  • attending a meeting with inspectors.The leadership,   improving quality, partnership working school will inform you of the date and   time. and resource management


If you have any difficulties in accessing or   completing           Inspectors use a   four-point scale when making these the questionnaire, hard copies are   available from your judgements: school   or Estyn on request. They should be returned          

to Estyn either direct using the freepost   facility or ‘In             Excellent:many strengths,   including significant Confidence’ via your school no later than 23/09/2016,        examples of sector-leading practice

       see ‘How can I contact Estyn?’.                                          Good:many strengths and no important areas

        How will   an inspection benefit my child? requiring   significant improvement Adequate: strengths outweigh areas for

An inspection   tells you about the standards and        improvement quality at your child’s school. It gives the school an        Unsatisfactory:important areas   for improvement expert view on its work, outlining what it does well and

       helps it to improve.                                                            outweigh   strengths


       Who   inspects the school?                                      What   happens after an inspection?

The inspection   team is led by a Reporting Inspector All   schools must produce an action plan based on who has considerable experience   of teaching and   the recommendations in   the inspection report.     education. Each inspection team   also includes a lay        The   inspection team will also consider whether the inspector and a peer   inspector. Lay inspectors have   school requires any follow-up activity. The five types not worked as teachers in a   school, whilst peer       of activity   include: inspectors are current teachers or managers from  

another   school. Each school may nominate   someone           Excellent practice: involves Estyn   inviting schools to liaise directly with the inspection team to keep the to submit a case study

      inspectors informed about the school and its   work.            Local authority monitoring: involves a report to

                                                                                                                            Estyn from the relevant authority

       How will   the school be inspected?                      Estyn monitoring: involves reviewing the

Inspectors   follow Estyn’s inspection guidance and use          progress   the school has made towards addressing the school’s self-evaluation and   performance data as the recommendations   highlighted in the report about

       their starting-point.                                                           a   year to 18 months after the publication of the

                                                                                                                           inspection report

        How will inspectors take account of my             Significant   improvement: involves   a small team

       child’s   view of the school?                                    of Estyn inspectors visiting the school about   a year

During the inspection, inspectors will ask   groups of to 18 months after the   publication of the inspection children how they feel about the school, their   work report. and how well they are   getting on. A sample of    Special   measures: involves   a small team of Estyn

learners will   complete an online questionnaire before inspectors   visiting the school every term following the inspection.           the publication of the inspection   report.


How will I know the inspectors’ views on How can I contact Estyn? the   school?        Address: Freepost ESTYN

Inspection   reports are published on the Estyn website           Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 45 working   days after the start of the inspection.   The         Tel: 02920 446446   governing   body will also send you details of the        Feedback about inspections: report.









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